COVID-19 Children's Fund Launched

San Diego for Every Child launches fund to assist with food, childcare, and equitable distance learning.

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Ending Child Poverty in San Diego

KPBS Evening Edition anchor Maya Trabulsi talked with Erin Hogeboom, Director of San Diego For Every Child.

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Ending Child Poverty In San Diego

Nonprofits, community leaders and organizations have joined together to create "San Diego for Every Child."

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190+ mil infantes en situación crítica

Se unen organizaciones

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Goal to Cut Experience of Child Poverty

Local leaders and nonprofits joined forces recently to create San Diego for Every Child: The Coalition to End Child

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Local Effort to to Halve Child Poverty

Nearly two dozen community groups and agencies in the region have teamed to launch San Diego for Every Child.

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Coalition to End Child Poverty Launches

Organizers Call on Community Advocates of All Backgrounds to Join Effort, Push for Change

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Creation of San Diego for Every Child

A group of nonprofits, community leaders and organizations announced this week they have joined together.

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Coalition Forms To End Child Poverty

The coalition's goal is to cut the region's child poverty rates in half by 2030.

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