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Resilient Communities for Every Child

Guaranteed Income Pilot Program to Launch Fall 2021 to Address COVID-19 Recovery, Racial and Gender Equity

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Aiming to close the Digital Divide

In San Diego County, about 100,000 students don't have basic internet access.

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Beyond the Hotspot

Supporting Equitable Distance Learning in San Diego County

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Diapers Distributed to 300 Families

A partnership with Child Development Associates, the San Diego Food Bank, and San Diego for Every Child

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Equitable Distance Learning Taskforce

School districts, education experts, non-profit organizations, and community leaders form Taskforce

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COVID-19 Children's Fund Launched

San Diego for Every Child launches fund to assist with food, childcare, and equitable distance learning.

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Ending Child Poverty in San Diego

KPBS Evening Edition anchor Maya Trabulsi talked with Erin Hogeboom, Director of San Diego For Every Child.

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Ending Child Poverty In San Diego

Nonprofits, community leaders and organizations have joined together to create "San Diego for Every Child."

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190+ mil infantes en situación crítica

Se unen organizaciones

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Goal to Cut Experience of Child Poverty

Local leaders and nonprofits joined forces recently to create San Diego for Every Child: The Coalition to End Child

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Dismantling Poverty in WA

The goal of this strategic plan is to build a just and equitable future for all.

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Essential Care for Essential Workers

This briefing is intended to help senior leaders support frontline working parents with their childcare needs.

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San Diego Childcare Needs Assessment

91% of San Diego County infants and toddlers do not have a spot in an affordable childcare program.

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What We're Reading

Potential of a Guaranteed Income

Payments are an expression of faith in the judgment of struggling families.

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Addressing Child Poverty

The impact of the pandemic has created an opportunity to reconsider its traditional responses to poverty.

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Child Care is Essential

Creating two classes of early care and education programs hurts parents, teachers and children.

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Why the State Must Invest in Child Care

Child Care Providers are Key to California’s Recovery

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Hundreds of child care providers closed

Lack of funding, increased costs, and fears of COVID-19 all play a role in loss of care providers

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COVID-19 Affects Low-Income Children

Struggling with the experience of poverty, COVID-19 has only inflamed the difficulties many families are enduring.

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Mothers of Color are losing their jobs

The COVID-19 recession has impacted families in different ways.

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Tax Break Neglects Most Underserved

Children with the greatest economic needs may be the least likely to see a benefit.

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Master Plan for Early Learning and Care

Governor releases a plan for building comprehensive and equitable early learning system over the next decade.

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Unequal Adaptation to COVID Schooling

The pandemic will widen achievement gaps because of disparate parental access to time and resources.

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Become a Community Champion

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Community Champions are individuals and neighborhood groups across San Diego County who believe that we can cut the experience of child poverty in half by 2030.