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WASHINGTON – On Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 11:30am ET, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04), Chairman of the U.S. House Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth, will hold a hybrid hearing examining economic disparities among communities of color and the role of discriminatory and exclusionary policies throughout our country’s history.

During the first hearing of 2022 titled “Race, Ethnicity and the Economy: How Improving Economic Opportunity Benefits All,” Select Committee Members will have the opportunity to discuss actions that have helped narrow disparities, identify future actions to continue addressing such inequities, and pinpoint public policy and business practice strategies to enable every American to reach their full economic potential and expand opportunities for all Americans.

Khea Pollard, Director of San Diego for Every Child, spoke amongst the U.S. House Select Committee Members on Economic Disparity at the Roundtable, 'Bold Ideas to Alleviate Economic Disparity.' One Select Committee Member being Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, the Founder of San Diego for Every Child.


  • Pollard explains the San Diego for Every Child Guaranteed Income Pilot Project.
  • We must demonstrate and recognize that there is growing body of research that surrounds this bold, particular idea of Guaranteed Income, and how can we challenge it. Most importantly, how Guaranteed Income works and how we can supplement it with our existing safety net programs.
    • During San Diego for Every Child's Community Conversation Events - Pollard explains real experiences and words that were shared amongst these events, the most important phrase: "MONEY IS FREEDOM".
  • "We want to continue to dig a little bit deeper, we need to think about how we really intentionally address some of the long-standing disparities that I spoke about earlier, and that means we have to advocate for some policy priorities at all levels of government that make all safety net services more accessible, easier to navigate, and to sustain for families who want to break cycles of poverty that are intergenerational. It's going to take partnerships with nonprofits like ours and public sector entities to really harness this moment and advance some of the goals of this work. And so we believe strongly, keeping families at the forefront."
  • Khea ends with talking about the experience it has been being a part of the Guaranteed Income Pilot Project and the families that we have encountered and their stories.
  • "Our ultimate goal is to give every child an opportunity to grow up in a nurturing environment that really helps them cultivate their potential."