Helping children in San Diego

The San Diego COVID-19 Children's Fund supports childcare, food assistance, and equitable distance learning during these unprecedented times.

Essential Workers and At-risk Populations Seeking Financial Assistance for Child Care

We are supporting essential workers and at-risk populations with financial assistance for child care services through June 30, 2020. Funding is provided by the Governor and California Department of Education.

Financial Assistance for child care services is available for children 0-12 years old and children 13-21 years old that are currently on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and parent confirms child care services are needed.


Family eligibility and enrollment priorities include:

1 – At-risk populations including children at risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation; children eligible through Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children; families experiencing homelessness, or children of domestic violence survivors.

2 – Essential workers whose total family income does not exceed the current income eligibility threshold and are not able to work remotely. Both parents must be essential workers to qualify. Review list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.

3 – Families with children with disabilities or special health care needs whose IEPs and IFSPs include ELC services.

4 – Essential workers listed in #2 above, whose total family income exceeds the current income eligibility threshold and are not able to work remotely.

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Micro-Grant Assistance for Low-Income Families and Licensed Child Care Providers

This micro-grant program is not currently accepting new applications.
Requests which were submitted on or before April 28, 2020 will be processed as funds allow.

We are committed to continuing to raise funds in order to provide financial support to families, essential workers, and child care providers.
If you would like to receive an invitation when additional funds become available, please complete the form available here


San Diego children need you now more than ever.

Thank you.

Your donation will help us ensure local children have access to child care, food, and remote learning opportunities during these unprecedented times.

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