Success for every child and youth

Supporting Agencies:

Altus Schools
A Reason To Survive (ARTS)
American Academy of Pediatrics, CA Chapter 3
Bayside Community Center
BOOST Collaborative
The Chicano Federation
Casa Familiar
Child Development Associates
City Heights CDC
Clare Rose Foundation
The David’s Harp Foundation
Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc.
Game Face Video SD
Home Start, Inc.
Jewish Family Service of San Diego
Kid Ventures
LISC San Diego
MAAC Project
Mid-City CAN
Outdoor Outreach
Parent Institute for Quality Education
Parent Voices San Diego
Partnership for the Advancement of
New Americans (PANA)
People’s Alliance for Justice
Planned Parenthood of the
Pacific Southwest
RISE Research & Evaluation
San Diego 350
San Diego Community College Board
San Diego Creative Youth Development Network
San Diego for Every Child
San Diego Youth Services
SAY San Diego
TOOTRiS Child Care On-Demand
UC San Diego Youth Advisory Council
United Way of San Diego County
Words Alive
YMCA of San Diego County
Youth Will_

San Diegans in Favor of an
Office of Child and Youth Success:

Alessandra L.
Ahire C.
Aimee Z.
Aliina M.
Amy K.
Ana M.
Angela E.
Ariel H.
Asmaa D.
Becky P.
Blake H.
Brenda A.
Carol B.
Carlos A.
Chris J.
Courtney B.
Diana B.
Dorothy G.
Eileen C.
Eric M.
Erin H.
Gabrielle S.
Ian G.
James H.
James M.
Jawad A.
Jean W.
Joshua P.
Kathie M.
Kenneth K.
Kristen G.
Kurt H.
Laura K.
LaWana R.
Lenise A.
Lucero C.
Lucia G.
Lynn S.
Maria H.
Martin H.
Matt D.
Meredith K.
Mina N.
Miren A.
Monique R.
Montano M.
Nancy N.
Nancy S.
Naomi P.
Nina G.
Paula C.
Penny A.
Precious L.
Rachelle A.
Rick R.
Robyne R.
Samuel T.
Sandy Y.
Sarah A.
Sarah G.
Sarah H.
Shana H.
Tashima D.
Timothy M.
Van P.
Vicky D.
Warsan A.
Yanet L.
Yohanna A.

We are pleased to announce that on June 21, 2021, Mayor Todd Gloria signed into the City budget an Office of Child and Youth Success that received unanimous support from San Diego City Council.

We would like to extend a particular thank you to Councilmembers Campillo and Elo-Rivera for their prioritizing of this Office from the very beginning.