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Author: CBS News 8 Team
Published: 7:47 AM PST January 16, 2020

SAN DIEGO — According to U.S. census data, nearly 200,000 of San Diego’s youngest children are living in families who are barely able to make ends meet – often having to choose between paying for rent, childcare or food to eat.

Some of the hardest hit areas of the county may surprise you. There are neighborhoods in both Carlsbad and Poway where more than half of the children under 12 are living in poverty. In La Jolla, there is a neighborhood with 67% of children living in poverty.

The newly formed San Diego for Every Child: The Coalition to End Child Poverty mission is to cut the experience of childhood poverty in San Diego County in half by 2030 to make sure that every child in our region has their basic needs met.

In conjunction with its official launch, San Diego for Every Child is calling on the community at-large to get involved by offering opportunities for learning, volunteering, organizing, providing input, and brainstorming community solutions.

To get more information or to see an interactive poverty map of San Diego, click here