By the YMCA Childcare Resource Services

San Diego County is facing a child care crisis with a lack of available licensed child care spots in the region, leaving children of working parents without access to child care. Access to quality, affordable child care is critical to maintaining a family’s economic stability and mobility while also ensuring children enter Kindergarten ready to thrive.

Families have multiple options when it comes to child care, including: Licensed Child Care Centers (CCCs); Licensed Family Child Care Homes (FCCs); and License-Exempt Child Care Centers (Licensed-Exempt CCCs). Each type of care setting is eligible for different levels of publicly funded support, and the cost of care varies greatly depending on the category.

Understanding the local child care landscape helps us identify regions of opportunity to increase access to child care so parents can continue to work and all children have an equitable opportunity to thrive during the critical developmental years of early childhood.

Explore the interactive maps below to understand where opportunity may be lacking for families in San Diego County and help us develop local solutions to help more families break cycles of poverty.